We Provide Professional
Roofing & Restoration Services 
In The Greater New Orleans Area

Who Are We? 

Triton Roofing is a proudly owned women business dedicated to customer satisfaction. We offer the finest craftsmanship available, and our trained roofers are highly skilled and competent. We strive to bring you peace of mind knowing that your most valuable asset is protected.

Our Services






Disaster Relief

"Triton was a blessing. At a time when water was pouring through my ceiling during a storm and was so stressful, Triton responded within 24 hours. They made the entire process simple and easy by dealing directly with my insurance. 10/10 would recommend. You will not be disappointed. " -Valued Customer

Why Choose Us?

Can we meet your expectations for precision? Will your roof materials appear balanced and inline? Will you have the comfort knowing that your roof, no matter the material, the design, the application will protect and perform just as you need it to for years?


As a locally owned and operated business, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best solutions to their roofing needs. Technique matters so does experience and customer service. One roof at a time, we are well acquainted with the various weather conditions that your roof will experience. Our roofing technicians are completely aware and dedicated to industry standards and any New Orleans metroplex building codes.

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TIN: 86-3778345

DUNS: 10-215-7467

Commercial License: 887528

Residential License: 72398

Mold Remediation License: 251051