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Residential Roofing in
New Orleans

Triton Roofing are the experts to call for your residential roof installation in NOLA and the surrounding areas. Triton’s team of experts work together to get the job done affordably. We take into account and assess all factors of your roof installation. During our free roofing inspection, we provide you with all the details you’ll need for insurance adjusters to ensure a smooth process with your claim.

We can handle all types of services, ranging from broken shingles to an entire roof installation. Our team does a careful inspection of your home’s roof to verify that there aren't any major issues that could cause expensive repairs down the line. 

Repairing a roof can be a dangerous task if you don't have knowledgeable roofers to handle the job. You can trust Triton to have the experience and skills to get your new roof installed safely. Our team follows strict guidelines to ensure that no one gets hurt on the job.

When Should I Get My Roof Replaced?

Naturally your roof will endure a lot of wear and tear over time, especially in older homes. There are many factors that homeowners should consider when deciding to replace their roof. 

  • Your energy bills have dramatically gone up 

  • There are signs of water damage inside and outside your house (mold, mildew, stains, warped flooring, etc.)

  • The roof is slanted or sagging in areas

  • Missing or weather-worn shingles

  • Substantial amount of microbial growth

The longer you wait to address these issues, the more damage it will cause over time. Save money in the long run and avoid costly damage with a new residential roof installation from Triton Roofing. Not sure if you need a new roof? Contact us at (504) 264-7770 for a free inspection. We’d be happy to go over your options with you!

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Weather-beaten Roof

Professional Roof Repairs

A Skilled Roofing Contractor

Whether you need a few new shingles or new decking and flashing, our team is prepared to address and resolve your issues quickly, affordably, and correctly. We will properly replace and install new shingles so that you can have complete peace of mind knowing that there will be no leaks or additional problems in the future.

If your roof is leaking or you notice a spot that needs professional help, call us. We will come out to your home or business and provide a professional and quick inspection. Don't ignore small issues - they may lead to larger problems down the road.

Contact us today at (504) 264-7770 for a free roof inspection of your home.

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