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HBAGNO Endorses Resilient Reroofing Resolution in Louisiana

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

NEW ORLEANS, LA (TRLLC) -- The Home Builders Association of Greater New Orleans (HBAGNO) has recently adopted the 2021 IRC Code for the first time in Louisiana, which includes the new "Resilient Roofing" resolution. This resolution aims to improve long-term housing and attract property insurance carriers to Southern Louisiana. The adoption of these new codes is expected to implement thorough roof construction standards, secondary leak protection, and sealed roof decks in high-wind coastal areas, offering a long-term solution to the insurance needs of Louisiana.

The insurance market in Southern Louisiana has suffered a significant decline in recent years due to devastating storms and hurricanes that have caused billions of dollars in damage to homes on the Coast of Louisiana. As a result, over 20 insurance carriers, including United Property and Casualty Insurance Company, have left the state. Two other insurance companies that covered around 30,000 customers announced in December 2022 that they were unable to pay out all their claims from Hurricane Ida, further reducing the number of insurance carriers in the area. This has led to an increase in insurance rates, making insurance unaffordable for many families and creating a crisis in Louisiana's housing market.

To address this situation, the HBAGNO has been working hard to achieve its annual goals with support from governmental administrators across the seven-parish area they serve. The new construction laws, which went into effect on January 1, 2023, and the "Resilient Roofing" resolution are part of these efforts to find solutions that encourage insurance carriers to return to Louisiana. By providing more resilient roofing, the HBAGNO hopes to offer a long-term solution to the insurance needs of the state in the face of ever-increasing coastal threats.

To help homeowners and contractors understand these changes, the HBAGNO hosts public forums that explain the new code changes and collect feedback from the construction industry. These forums are essential to ensure that homeowners can obtain affordable insurance for years to come. If you need to repair your roof, the HBAGNO recommends taking advantage of their consultation service before proceeding. They can replace damaged, broken, or aging shingles and provide more extensive repairs caused by wind and rain storms.

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